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Time:03:16 pm
Well nobody posts anymore...."CRIES" I'm back though so hopefully there will writing again.
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Time:04:25 am
Current Mood:happyhappy

Its....metal. And nachos. Like, two of the best things! Geez.

Uhm. And happy April Fools'.
Note: This was NOT, in fact, a prank. I am joining.
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Current Music:musik
Subject:I'm bored
Time:12:11 pm
Current Mood:hungryhungry

So thought I would because I'm bored I would share this pic...yes yes I know I should use a lj cut ....but this is amazing :

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Subject:Join the new Ultimate Sonata Arctica Fanbase!!!
Time:04:37 pm

Sonata Arctica UK
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Subject:\m/ I love MeTaL!! I love Nachos!! \m/
Time:08:43 pm
But mostly... I love really cheesy and amusing things. I get the impression this community does too, so I thought you all may appreciate my latest creation. Based on the popular Kenya Flash Animation (that i had NO part in creating) I present to you... Mortiis.

Please enjoy it's cheesy, wonderous, post-metal god-y goodness.

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Current Music:crappy internet radio
Subject:Today is a Sad Day in Metal
Time:10:49 am
Current Mood:infuriatedWTF
Dimebag Darrel was killed last nite playing a show with his band damageplan..... well some crazy fuck shot him four times. Also I heard another member was kill not sure who and the fucker kill two people in the crowd and he is also dea. What the fuck is wrong with fucking people....well some people.
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Current Music:Kovenant "Cybertrash"
Subject:My bands New Site
Time:12:33 am
Current Mood:accomplished

I launched my new band The Kill Junkies site today.....Not much there yet but more is comming soon. I don't know how to describe us other than Murder Rock. If it helps we sometimes cover Kyuss, Slayer, and Judist Preist.  Check it out!!



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Subject:good show for anyone in the area.
Time:01:27 pm

+ + +

More band may be added in the coming weeks
Check out these web pages for more info

Northern Aggression
The Bomb Shelter
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Time:12:48 pm
i love nachos. i LOVE nachos.

and i love metal.

this community was the best idea, EVER.

I live in Rhode Island and I'm in a doom metal band. check us out:


mmmmmmmmmmm....i want nachos right now.
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Current Music:Behemoth-Satan's Sword
Time:01:04 am
Current Mood:tiredtired
Hello, my name is Tatiana and Im new to the community.
I enjoy bands such as Brujeria, Krisiun, Anaal Nathrakh, Cryptopsy, Marduk, Nokturnal Mortum, Zyklon, Amon Amarth.

Well since Im new I thought I should introduce myself, feel free to add me if you desire.
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Time:11:18 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
Hi, I figured I'd introduce myself to everyone here.

My name is Kelly. I'm 17, from Massachusetts. I am an aspiring linguist, and I love nachos and cheese. Lately, I have been greatly troubled with my boyfriend's lack of interest in nachos. I'd like to know anything that might help highten someone's joy for nachos. Should I mix salsa and cheese together? Add guacomole? Please let me know.
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Time:04:57 am
join forevernihility...
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Current Music:Portishead - Numb
Time:10:58 am
Hi –

My name is Ally. I saw that you have “Celtic Frost” listed as an interest. When my father was in his teens and twenties, he and Reed (drummer of Celtic Frost) were in their first band together. We actually have boxes of their old 45s. My father and Reed were recently reunited, and Reed’s been hanging out with us a lot. He’s pretty cool.
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Subject:Vehemence's Helping The World To See
Time:06:14 pm
If you want to hear all the tracks in a sample form, go here.

Helping The World To See Samples

Again, I still have no sound card so I haven't heard these yet, I still can be pretty sure that this shit's going to be brutal as fuck though.

If you like these, be sure to pick up the CD when it is released April 6th!


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Current Music:dark fureral.....
Subject:downloading is fun
Time:10:38 am
Current Mood:boredbored
ok so I went on a downloading spree, and I found these bands and if you love black metal you need to check them if you have already:
Mork Gyrning
Throne of Ahaz
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Time:06:35 pm
John (I believe...I get their SNs mixed up) from Vehemence IMed me this link to their new song!


If you're not familiar with Vehemence, they're a US Melodic Death band, and they're fucking awesome.

I haven't got the chance to listen to this tune yet, because I'm lacking an audio card and speakers right now...which is fucking lame, but I thought I'd share it with the metal community.

You should also check out:

http://vehemence.brutaldeath.net/04VEHEMENCE-Kill_For_God_-_Pre_Production_HTWTS_2003_Demo.mp3 (Also going to be on the new album)

http://vehemence.brutaldeath.net/Vehemence-God_Was_Created.mp3 (From Their previous release, God Was Created)

http://vehemence.brutaldeath.net/06Vehemence-Nameless%20Faces,%20Scattered%20Remnants.mp3 Are from their first album.

This band is fucking awesome, and I'm confident they won't disapoint with their release of "Helping The World To See".

Tell me if the song's any good though, so I can get all bitchy about not having speakers.

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Current Music:"Pinball Map" by In Flames
Subject:\m/ Netal News
Time:11:48 am
Current Mood:nostalgicnostalgic
According to IN FLAMES' fan site (www.everdying.com), the band's new single, 'The Quiet Place', has gone straight into the Swedish singles chart at #2. This is the highest chart entry on the Swedish singles chart by a metal band.
This cd is going to be the shit!! I hope they do well here in the US!!!

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and IN FLAMES will be teaming up for a co-headlining North American tour beginning on May 3 in the Midwest. The month-long run will tentatively wrap up on June 4 on the East Coast. Exact cities and dates will be announced soon.
What no West Coast dates? Say it aint so!!!

SLAYER's official website (www.americanrecordings.com/slayer) reports the band are currently recording their first studio album with the original members since 1992's Seasons In The Abyss. A new album is expected through American Recordings sometime this year.

According to the DANZIG fan site 7th House (www.7thhouse.com), May 25th is the tentative release date for the group's forthcoming studio album through leader Glenn Danzig's Evilive label. There is still a chance that the album may not surface until early June.
I heard this one is going to be more "Dark and Spooky" and can't wait to see what Glen calls "dark and spooky"

Dave Grohl (PROBOT/FOO FIGHTERS/ex-NIRVANA) will be performing on the forthcoming TROUBLE record, 7.
That's neat

KISS fan site KissKollector (www.kisskollector.com) reports that original guitarist ACE FREHLEY has been spending time with his ex-wife, Jeanette, who is helping Ace get clean and sober. Currently sporting a full beard, Frehley has been steadily attending AA meetings and has stayed away from the party scene for almost six months now.
I hope this is true!!

I have to end with something a little more happy than that. I just heard the new Exodus song "War is my Shepherd" on http://nuclearblastusa.com/home.html and it sounds damn good. It reminds me of High School driving around with my friend Bob listening to Exodus, Gwar, and Metallica looking cheap beer and even cheaper weed........ahhhh the good old days..........
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Time:11:07 am
Current Mood:mellowmellow
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY is putting out a new cd on 4/20.....how fitting!!!
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Time:10:19 am
Iced Earth will tour the U.S. and Canada as originally planned. The tour begins on April 18th and runs for over a month. Children of Bodom and Evergrey will provide support.

U.S./Canadian Tour with Children of Bodom and Evergrey
Date Country City Venue
04/18/04 Cleveland Ohio Odeon
04/19/04 Sauget (St. Louis) Illinois Pop's
04/20/04 Chicago Illinois Metro
04/21/04 Minneapolis Minnesota Quest
04/23/04 Milwaukee Wisconsin The Eagles Club
04/24/04 Detroit Michigan Harpo's
04/25/04 Columbus Ohio Newport Music Hall
04/26/04 Toronto Ontario The Guvernment
04/28/04 Montreal Quebec The Medley
04/29/04 New York New York BB King's
04/30/04 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Trocadero
05/01/04 Worcester Massachusetts Palladium
05/02/04 Springfield Virginia Jaxx
05/04/04 Atlanta Georgia Masquerade
05/05/04 Lake Buena Vista (Orlando) Florida House of Blues
05/07/04 New Orleans Louisiana House of Blues
05/08/04 Houston Texas Engine Room
05/09/04 Austin Texas Backroom
05/10/04 Dallas Texas Deep Ellum Live
05/12/04 Denver Colorado Ogden Theatre
05/14/04 Vancouver British Columbia Commodore Ballroom
05/15/04 Seattle Washington Graceland
05/17/04 San Francisco California Avalon
05/18/04 House of Blues California House of Blues
05/19/04 Scottsdale Arizona Cajun House
05/21/04 West Hollywood California House of Blues
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Time:11:00 am
Mother Fucking Dimmu Borgir is playing OZZFEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is the day before my birthday!! I am so going!!!!
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Time:02:36 pm
The 4th annual Jagermeister Music Tour is ready to kick off next month. The tour will feature three concrete bands, and a special guest (or two) to open each show.

Headlining the tour this year is Slipknot, who will back onstage together after a few years on hiatus. Following the Jager Music, Slipknot will head over to the Ozzfest tour, where they will be headlining the Second Stage.

The other two mainstays on this year’s roster is Fear Factory, who will also come off of hiatus to support their forthcoming album, Archetype, which is set for release on April 20th. Chimaira will tour in continued support of their last effort, The Impossibility of Reason.

Supporting acts this year include, but are not limited to: Full Blown Chaos, The Heavils, Epoxy, Sworn Enemy, 40 Below Summer, God Forbid, Death By Stereo, Devildriver and Hostility.

Confirmed dates so far are listed as follows, with opening acts in parentheses:

03/30/04 Orlando, FL Hard Rock Live (Full Blown Chaos)
03/31/04 West Palm Beach, FL Sound Advice Amphitheater (Full Blown Chaos)
04/02/04 Birmingham, AL Sloss Furnace 20 (The Heavils)
04/03/04 Atlanta, GA Tabernacle (The Heavils)
04/04/04 N. Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues (The Heavils)
04/06/04 Winston-Salem, NC Millennium Center (Epoxy)
04/08/04 Norfolk, VA The Norva (Epoxy)
04/09/04 Washington, DC Nation (Sworn Enemy)
04/10/04 Worcester, MA Palladium (Sworn Enemy)
04/12/04 New York, NY Roseland Ballroom (Sworn Enemy)
04/13/04 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory (Sworn Enemy)
04/14/04 Rochester, NY ESL SportsCenter (Sworn Enemy)
04/16/04 Detroit, MI Harpo's (40 Below Summer)
04/17/04 Cleveland, OH Tower City Amphitheatre (40 Below Summer)
04/18/04 Columbus, OH Promowest Pavilion (40 Below Summer)
04/20/04 Grand Rapids, MI Orbit Room (40 Below Summer)
04/22/04 St. Paul, MN Roy Wilkens Auditorium (40 Below Summer)
04/23/04 Chicago, IL Congress Theatre (God Forbid)
04/24/04 Milwaukee, WI Eagles Ballroom (God Forbid)
04/26/04 Kansas City, MO Memorial Hall (God Forbid)
04/27/04 Clive, IA 7 Flags Event Center (God Forbid)
04/28/04 St. Louis, MO The Pageant (God Forbid)
04/30/04 Houston, TX Verizon Wireless Theater (Death By Stereo)
05/01/04 Grand Prairie, TX NextStage (Death By Stereo)
05/02/04 Oklahoma City, OK Bricktown Events Center (Death By Stereo)
05/04/04 Denver, CO The Fillmore (Death By Stereo)
05/05/04 Salt Lake City, UT The Venue (Death By Stereo)
05/07/04 Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre (Devil Driver)
05/08/04 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues Mandalay Bay Resort (Devil Driver)
05/09/04 San Diego, CA Soma (Devil Driver)
05/11/04 Universal City, CA Universal Amphitheatre (Devil Driver)
05/14/04 Sacramento, CA Sacramento Memorial Auditorium (Hostility)
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Time:05:48 pm
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY , SUPERJOINT RITUAL, SLAYER, JUDAS PRIEST (reunited with vocalist Rob Halford) and SLIPKNOT are all going to be on Ozzfest this year.....I might have to break down and go!!!!
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Subject:Hey, I love Metal!!!
Time:05:36 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
Good Job setting everything up Cas. you really did get a good mix of bands on the interest list.....I think this place will be packed in no time!!!

Watched most of the Hammersfall dvd last night......it is good but they could have spent the extra couple hundred of dollars to buy a second camera.....the whole one shot, no zoom, and no pan thing gets a little old after about 10 minutes.....

I think caswell is right, the Mercyful Fate "Return of the Vampire" unreleased stuff cd might be the worst M.F. stuff I own.....the sound is bad and the songs are so-so you could see why they were unreleased....

It looks like Paul Bostaph of Slayer fame has joined Testament......he should sound great with them......we are going to have to go see them on the next tour....

I wonder is Barnes and Nobel has the new King Diamond yet.....I think I am going to call and find out.....I still have $30 bucks on my gift card to get rid of and I am really craving the new cd.....
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Current Music:helloween....
Time:04:02 pm

To start off this was created for the love of metal........

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